Small beginnings

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"The beginnings of all things are small." - Cicero

What things are you willing to give up today in exchange for something better tomorrow? That thing you want (that life, that job, that relationship, that business) isn't as far out of reach as you think it is. A simple change in your routine today could make all the difference a week from now, a year from now, ten years from now.

And nothing is going to change unless you do. The best things that happen to you won't be the things that came easily. They'll be the things you had to work at, struggle with, even fail at. 

But most people don't want to commit until after they've discovered that they can be good at something. Don't be like most people. You probably won't be very good at it the first couple of times. In fact, if you are, it might not be worth pursuing. It'll probably be too boring for you. The things you have to work hard to get are the things that you respect most and become a master at. The students that pay for their own tuition do the best in school. The kids who are less talented make the game-winning plays...Because they care more. 

Great things happen as a result of the small and simple things. What small habits are you going to change today?