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No. 647 / Simple rules, quick decisions

Don’t eat sugar after 6:00 (or at all).
Respond within 1 hour.
Keep it less than 350 words.

As the world around us becomes increasingly complex, simplify things with a system that makes decisions for you.

Make baselines. Here’s what I mean: when I go to book an Airbnb, I have a certain set of “minimum requirements” I look for before I book. First, I look for homes with at least 100 reviews. Next, it has to have a 4.5-star average rating. Finally, it must be Airbnb Plus Certified. These rules help me filter out the hundreds of other options available. There are other filters I could use, but these are the ones I choose to prioritize.

The same goes for my job as a recruiter. We have a set of requirements we look for in candidates and we make our decisions accordingly.

Other areas of our lives can have filters, too. Principles that govern how we make decisions in both simple and difficult situations.

So that when someone offers you something or presents an ‘opportunity,’ you’ve already made your decision and can, simply, act accordingly.