Simple is not easy

Easy is simply easy. It’s the minimum amount of effort required to achieve a specific result. Easy is comfortable. It doesn’t demand a high level of pressure, investment, or commitment. Assumptions are easy. Judging is easy. Criticizing is easy. 

Simple is deceptively hard. It’s the elimination of everything unnecessary so that what remains is what matters most. It’s less busy but more efficient. It’s uncomfortable. It takes planning, strategy, effort, and discipline. Choices are simple. Principles are simple. Truths are simple. 

If something is simple to understand, it’s usually very difficult to do. This is what makes personal growth and leadership so difficult. Reading and listening to these things is easy. Actually changing means putting an end to certain habits, taking time to ponder goals, and doing away with specific distractions. Simple to understand, not easy to do. But the end result of such an endeavor is a simple life. Just because you choose the simple life, does not mean it’s easy.