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No. 606 / Seeming busy

It probably seemed important at the time. That thing you had to do. That place you had to get to. But, in reality, it's usually the exception, not the standard. 

We like to appear busy. We've romanticized that state of being in movies and media. But busy is not productive. The appearance of busy is a form of deception, not only to others but to yourself.

We all know those people who are always in a hurry. Who, upon asking them, "how are things?" reply: "busy," then continue doing their job without taking the time to consider how the other person might be doing. 

Why has the busy badge become such a great honor? Maybe it's to compensate for the lack of real production? Real work? 

When we are appearing busy we are pretending to be someone we aren't. It's based on fear. Fear of being "exposed." But fear is a funny thing. Fear holds us back from saying things, doing things, loving, creating, being ones-true-self. All of which are the very things that align who others think we are and who we say we are with who we actually are. 

Appearing busy, therefore, is a symptom of something bigger. As Macklemore would say: "It's insecurity dressed up as confidence." Embrace the fears that appear to be roadblocks. In time, those "so-called" roadblocks will turn into pathways.