Risk aversion

When was the last time Apple came out with something that failed? Sure, there are products that have been less successful than others, but it's been a long time since its released anything that has completely face-planted. 

One might suggest that this could be attributed to its loyal fan base and that they will buy anything with an Apple logo on it. But one could also make the point that it's because the people at Apple have only released things they know will please the stakeholders. The company has all the resources in the world, and still, it chooses to play it safe. 

There are lot's of "logical reasons" to avoid risk: the fear of conflict, the fear of criticism, wanting to be right, wanting to be safe, wanting to feel loved; but here's the thing, where there is risk aversion, there is a lack of innovation, an absence of learning, and a reluctance toward growth.

When you do things outside your comfort zone, you are going to stumble. You will get lost. You will create something that doesn’t work. But something special also happens when you move past what’s comfortable. You discover new things about yourself. You acquire new skills. You become better. 

So get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Because if you want to achieve results you’ve never achieved, you’re going to have to do things you’ve never done. It may be risky, but it beats the alternative.