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No. 618 / Risk

There are a lot of things that feel risky but are actually safe. Like going to the dentist. It feels risky because they could make your gums bleed or inform you that you have a cavity, but it's actually safe because your teeth get healthier. The alternative, of course, is future (bigger) problems. 

Same goes for getting an annual physical, buying insurance, and paying bills. It might be painful (and feel risky) at the time, but it's safer than putting it off. By avoiding the thing, you aren't averting risk, you're creating it. 

Why do we procrastinate the things that feel risky in exchange for temporary comfort? Fear is the short answer. But what are we so afraid of? It can't merely be the thing that we're afraid of...We're afraid of being afraid. 

After all: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fear is scary. Nobody likes to do things that cause discomfort, anxiety, or fear. Which is exactly why great people embrace fear. They DO things that terrify them. Because they know amazing things will happen as a result. They understand that fear is not the enemy, but a friend. It is not the obstacle, but the way. 

It's where the opportunity lies. If you are willing to do things that other people are unwilling to do, you make yourself indispensable. By doing the things that feel risky but are actually safe, you gain a significant advantage.