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No. 244 / Raining Data

When you live in a desert, you use water sparingly. When you do use water, you highly value what little water you use. You probably understand water's importance much better than most people. You know what a life source it is. 

Alternatively, if you were to move from a desert to a rainforest, you would quickly realize what a miracle it is to have so much water all around you. You begin to use more and more water because it is readily available. You are now using more water in a day than you did in an entire month. Pretty soon the abundance of water is so great that you lose sight of what it once meant to you. 

The same thing has happened with data.

Data has become distracting. It's instant gratification. We don't have to scrape and struggle to figure out the next step anymore, it's simply given to us. But because we don't need to work as hard to know what to do next, we have lost the ability to build emotional relationships - which is what real change is all about. 

Just because you have all the data you need to make the easy decision, doesn't mean you should.