Plus, minus, equal


If you are always the teacher, it means you are no longer progressing because you aren’t learning.

LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams—they all have coaches, lots of them. They are at the top their game but are in no way, shape, or form below having coaches to tweak their performance and help make them better.

Even if you are the mentor, find yourself a mentor.

Be a true student, meaning, be a sponge. Soak in the important stuff, filter out the not-so-useful stuff, and always be improving so that you are ready to take on the next challenge that comes your way.

To quote an excerpt from Ego is the Enemy:

“The mixed martial arts pioneer and multi-title champion Frank Shamrock has a system he trains fighters in that he calls plus, minus, and equal. Each fighter, to become great, he said, needs to have someone better that they can learn from, someone lesser who they can teach, and someone equal that they can challenge themselves against.”

A real student is also a teacher. There is always knowledge you can pass down—which is also an effective way to learn. But never shy away from those that are similar in skill to you. That’s how you get better. And, no matter how good you get, you should always surround yourself with people who are better.