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No. 624 / People like you

Here’s the problem with perfection—it doesn’t scale. Not every product launch will go as planned. Every event has a hiccup. And no candidate checks every box. It’s a bad strategy that leads to ineffective hiring and growth. 

It usually stems from the fear of being wrong. “We’re not going to try anything new so that we know we get it right.” “Let’s only hire people like us, they’re less risky and we know that they’ll stick to the status quo.” 

In reality, the opposite is true. Although it’s tempting to strive for perfection, it’s a fool’s pursuit. Instead, strive for improvements. 

Raise the average! Learn things you don’t understand. Take on projects that are hard. Find people more skilled and smarter than you. If you keep insisting on working with people like you, then you’ve already hit your ceiling.