OODA loop

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The decision to not decide is still a decision.

So start there. Be decisive. You'll always be more valuable if you can prove you know how to decide. 

Next step is to know how to make effective decisions. Try this concept called the "OODA loop." Originally developed by a United State Air Force Colonel, this decision cycle is used by business and government leaders to make more informed and accurate decisions. 

The basic summary of this framework is that situations are always evolving. Good decision making requires pivoting, redirecting your energy, and course correcting. 

Plans are going to change. Are you okay with that? 

Deciding is tough. If it were easy, everyone would make correct decisions all the time. Come to terms that making a wrong decision is better than not deciding in the first place. And when you do decide, remember the OODA loop:

  1. Observe: What is happening? What situations are unfolding? 
  2. Orient: What is the context of the situation? What have you learned? 
  3. Decide: What is your hypothesis? 
  4. Act: Test. Do.

Don't reflect too much on this particular framework. Keep it simple: observe, orient, decide, act (emphasis on the act). 

Now Go. Do.