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No. 228 / On average

Why is the left lane the most congested lane? Maybe it’s a Utah thing (in fact, I’m almost sure it is), but when you’re driving on the freeway right before rush hour, the left lane (which is supposed to be the fast lane) always has the most cars in it. 

When I ask people, I often hear “I drive in the left lane because I drive faster than the average person.” But wait, how fast does the average person drive? If everyone said they drive faster than the average person, of course, the left lane would be the most congested lane. Everyone is throwing a fit at each other for doing the exact same thing!

This raises a few questions: on average, how many of us think we are more than average? How many of us think we are less than average? Finally, how many of us are willing to surround ourselves with people that are better than us? 

Here’s the thing, there will be times in our lives when we are just…average. If people are going faster than you, let them pass. But when it’s your turn, don’t compromise, have the courage and the confidence to get in the fast lane and pass the average. Hang out with people better than you. Take a class that challenges you and helps you grow. Play with people more skilled than you. Work at a place where you aren’t the smartest person in the room. 

There’s a time to pass and to be passed. Know when that time is for you and act accordingly.