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No. 664 / No thank you

no job.

Is this some unreasonable, egotistic attitude to not extend an offer after never receiving a thank you note? Or is it an indicator of the candidate’s disinterest and/or lack of enthusiasm? 

Writing a follow-up thank you note after each interview isn’t just some “best practice” or “unspoken rule.” It’s a chance to show you care. Sure, it’s not in the application instructions, but neither is being polite, conversational, or on time.  

Say thank you! If you don’t want the job, let us know. If you do, let us know! This is your chance to pitch yourself one last time. To stand out and state why you’d be a good fit. Don’t squander this kind of opportunity. 

And, just in case you’re tempted to start making excuses: 

  • You can find their email in the calendar invite. Worst case, message them on Linkedin. 

  • It’s not pointless. In fact, it might make all the difference. 

  • You do have time. If you’re spending more than 10 minutes on it, you’re thinking too much.  

  • Still too proud to write one? Still waiting on us to make the first move? Probably not a good fit, then.