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No. 226 / No man is a prophet in his own land

Why are we most critical of the people closest to us? Is it because we care? Or is it because we know their weaknesses? 

Influential leaders can have millions of followers that would travel great lengths to listen to them speak, but their own friends can hardly wait to get rid of them. Donald Trump is from New York City, but you'll be hard-pressed to find any of his supporters there. Someone may have a million Instagram followers, but no one shows up to their birthday party. It might sound like a good idea to go into business with your best friend, but three months into it you aren't even friends anymore, but rather, 'business partners.' 

Your biggest critics will often be the people that know you best. Don't take it personally. Assume their intentions are good. They want the best for you. But pay attention to who sticks around when things get tough. They are your true fans. 

By the same token, don't be disappointed when you get to know the person you thought you looked up to and they turn out to be...normal, human. People are just people. Give them the benefit of the doubt. You can still respect them and emulate the good qualities that got them where you want to go.