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No. 802 / Avoiding burnout as an SDR

Avoiding burnout as an SDR doesn’t look that much different from avoiding burnout in any other position. It comes down to one of my favorite cliches: be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

But beyond this notion, there are some other things you can do that will help you thrive during your time as an SDR:

  • Manage your energy, not your time. Time management only helps us become aware of how much time we are wasting in the day. Instead, manage your priorities, the attention you give to certain people and projects. In short, your energy. As Adam Grant recently wrote: “attention management is the art of focusing on getting things done for the right reasons, in the right places and at the right moments.”

  • Find out what motivates you. It might be money. It could be the competition. Whatever it is, start there and create your goals accordingly.

  • Be positive. Make optimism part of your identity. I say “make it part of your identity” because being positive is a skill. It’s something you can learn and work on. Pay attention to your body language and the words you use. Sometimes, a simple smile (even when you don’t mean it) can spread and get the good vibes rolling in the office.