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No. 797 / Best first job out of college

In my opinion (that is, after all, why I’m writing this), the best first job out of college is a sales job.

And not just any sales job. A role as a Sales Development Representative.

There are lots of options for you once you graduate from college. But few open the doors to as many opportunities as becoming an SDR does.

As an SDR, you’ll learn resiliency. Making cold calls is hard. But everyone should get the chance to do them. Even if you want to be a software developer, a marketer, a writer, whatever it is, learning how to formulate a pitch and overcome objections are two of the most valuable skills any professional can develop.

Almost every SDR I’ve known has talked about starting their own business one day. Many of them have gone on to be very successful entrepreneurs. As an SDR, you get to think like an entrepreneur. You learn the value of talking to your prospects and becoming a subject matter expert to serve them better.

You’ll learn first hand the value of hard work and be able to see the fruits of your efforts clearly. You’ll learn why failing can be a good thing. You’ll build up your confidence and grit. And you’ll certainly be around other like-minded people who will push you and teach you things you’ll keep with you the rest of your career—no matter what direction you choose.

Plus, it can be one of the better-paying jobs out of college regardless of industry…