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No. 792 / A career in recruitment

I was introduced to the world of recruitment about two years ago. I had spent the previous two years selling software but always found myself either frustrated with the culture of tech sales or dissatisfied with the overall objective of my role. More than just money, I wanted my career to be fulfilling. I wanted to have that sense of accomplishment that I was actually making an impact, not just on individuals but on the business. It can be argued that sales can fit that bill, but for me, it felt forced. That’s when I found recruitment.

The life of a recruiter (either internal or at an agency), on the surface, still feels a lot like sales. You build pipeline, you play the numbers game, you fret over messaging and pitch, and you negotiate deals. You need to be good with people, but you also need to be okay with monotony and ambiguity. The thing that drew me into recruitment was the mission behind the function and the thing that keeps me around and makes me want to sink my teeth into this career path is the opportunity to be in a high impact role that also satisfies my mission of building teams and developing careers.