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No. 786 / Teaching commitment

So many of us want to prove to ourselves (and others) that we can be good at something before we commit.

But what if we’ve got it backwards? What if we are spending too much time teaching tactics and not enough time teaching commitment? Here’s the thing, most of the time, for most people, if we want to learn something, we can learn it. It takes a decision, then a commitment. Because when we commit to something, we are then more likely to keep up the effort and push through the failures and frustrations that inevitably come.

It’s a defense mechanism. A defense against failure. We don’t want to fail so we sit back and gossip until something sticks. And when it does, then we commit.

And, as a society, we feed that reluctancy to commitment because we prefer disapproval to dedication.

Teaching techniques is important. But if you want to be a great teacher, leader, or mentor—teach commitment.