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No. 766 / Audiobooks

I’ve recently discovered the magic of audiobooks. I don’t know why I was so reluctant to try them for so long. Maybe it was because I thought it was cheating, somehow. That the only way to really consume a book was to read it. I also had the irrational fear that I would get dummer or forget how to read. Glad I was wrong on both accounts.

There are three kinds of people in the world:

  • Those that like audiobooks

  • Those that don’t

  • (and by far the largest) those that have never tried one

Here’s the thing, though: In my experience, audiobooks have kept me engaged more than physical or digital books ever have. My recall is higher. I look forward to squeezing every free minute into book listening time, and I fly through more concepts quicker than I ever have. Part of it is the entertaining nature of the presentation, and part of it is the nature of the experience—it’s going into a different part of your brain.

Audiobooks have literally changed my life. I think one reason that they have is that you can't skip ahead. And the other reason is that you might listen to it five or six times, at the pace of the reader, not at your pace. Even at that pace, currently, I’m listening to about two audiobooks a week. And I can’t get enough.