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No. 755 / Full immersion

Robert De Niro spent his weekends as a cabbie driving people around NYC in preparation for the movie, Taxi Driver.

The best design studios fly their designers around the world to gather research and inspiration before they start projects.

And, we all know the best way to learn a new language quickly is to fully immerse yourself in the culture—to live there for a year or two.

So why not apply that same approach to your job?

If you’re a sales recruiter, why not go be a salesperson for a week or two? Fully immerse yourself in the culture, the day-to-day, the ups, and the downs—you’ll gain greater insights and become a more precise business partner this way than you would have otherwise.

If you’re an SDR, why not go to the same thought-leadership conferences and become a subject matter expert like your prospects are? Fully immerse yourself in the things they are reading and doing—you’ll gain greater empathy and understand their concerns before they even bring them up.

If you’re an investor, why not spend a few days with the team you’re looking to invest in? Fully immerse yourself in the environment and get to know the people and product on a deeper level—you’ll receive better data than any consulting group could ever provide.

There are many ways to learn how to do your job better. You can read, talk to people, try different tactics but until you see things the way they do, you’ll never be able to serve them the way you could be.