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No. 752 / Changing your mind

If you needed to, could you argue passionately for that thing you don't believe in today? Could you imagine walking over to the other side of the new argument, to once again hear that sound?

That's the essential skill of thriving in a world that's changing fast.

And this isn’t about joining the bandwagon or flip-flopping your opinion. It’s about empathy.

Could you, if you had to, really put yourself in their shoes? You just might think they same way they do if you believed what they believed…

It is a skill and it’s an important one. It’s the ability, when confronted with a world that doesn't match the world in your head, to say, "wait, maybe I was wrong." Most of us aren’t good at that. It doesn’t mean to drop everything you think you know. It means to seek to learn. To be coachable. Because you can learn something from everyone. And, who knows, you just might change your mind while you’re at it…