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No. 751 / Project description

Your job probably has a description. A finite set of requirements, qualifications and key outcomes attached to it. The goal of your job, therefore, is to do enough, to meet the spec.

Doing a job makes us defensive, it limits our thinking and shuts the door to possibilities because we don’t want to get in trouble.

Projects, on the other hand, open the door to possibility. Projects are chosen and ours.

Jobs demand meetings. They feed off the status quo. They’re safe. They’re comfortable.

Projects have strategy sessions. Projects are about better, about new frontiers, about making change happen. When in doubt, dare.

This might sound like semantics. It’s not. It’s about your mindset. It’s about your approach.

Because how you approach what you do matters. It carries with it real results. If you look at what you do as just a job, it will never be anything special to you and you’ll never receive anything special from it. Anyone can get paid to do a job, but not everyone becomes remarkable.