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No. 747 / The network effect

If you bring a delicious pie of eight pieces to a party of 20, no one will be very satisfied.

But if you share an idea with a group of people, the information becomes more valuable the more people share it. The idea spreads and it creates a cultural impact.

It’s unfortunate when we adopt the former mindset—especially when it comes to sharing our ideas. We’re afraid that if we share what we have, afterwords, we won’t have much left.

The thing is, our lives have more meaning and we create more impact when instead we approach ideas like “if I share it with you, we’ll both have it.”

An idea shared is more powerful than one that’s hidden. And a community is stronger than divided individuals ever could be.

You’re not, then, really giving away your work if you’re doing so with the intent to build your network.

You’re actually building trust. You’re establishing authority. And you’re driving the initiative.