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No. 745 / The world's worst manager

That would be you.

No matter what your job is, if you’re self-employed or not, you’re still your own boss. You manage your career. You decide what you work on. You design your days. You choose what you learn. You manage how you sell what you sell.

What if you had an employee that used their free time like you do? What if you had a manager that talked to you the way you talk to yourself? What if the company you worked for developed its employees the way you develop yourself?

It’s difficult to think of something more important than learning to manage yourself.

Yet, we’re so impressed when people use their evenings and weekends to get an education or work on a project that grants them the freedom to work how they would like. We’re envious when we meet people who have managed to build something on their own—something they’re proud of…As if it’s the exception.

It doesn’t have to be the exception. It can be the rule—should you choose to invest a little more into learning how to manage yourself.