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No. 744 / Building assets

There are some assets that you can buy. Real estate is one. Stocks is another.

Then there are some you can build:

  1. Brand. A brand isn’t just a logo. It’s promises and expectations delivered or not. If you continue to overdeliver, you build credibility which leads to trust. And with trust, you earn the right to continue to have a seat at the table. With trust, you unlock unexpected opportunities. With trust, you access the privilege of being able to count on your customers/clients/co-workers coming back.

  2. Expertise. You might lose your job or the market may crash, but nothing will take away what you’ve learned. You get paid for doing jobs, you build a career by developing expertise.

Build these assets, and you call the shots. If, on the other hand, you're merely a hard-working employee, doing what you're told, you're never going to get what your effort ought to produce.

Assets are no longer reserved for companies and organizations. Everyone can own a slice of attention. Everyone can build and nurture a network—assets are no longer off-limits to people who work for a living.

Your choice: intentionally build and nurture your assets, or ignore them in the pursuit of the next thing…