My best blog post

is the one I never wrote.

The idea came to me late last night as I was falling asleep. It was an amazing discourse—a viral post at minimum. The whole thing continued to formulate in my mind for the following 20 minutes or so. It quickly turned into a national best-seller, I was sure of it. The concept—mind-blowing. The case studies—compelling. 

I quickly grabbed my phone to recall and write down some of the keywords so I wouldn't forget anything when it came time to write it. When I woke up, I immediately opened up my notes so that I could write my best blog post ever. 

Upon reviewing my notes, I realized something—the idea I had last night, the one that I was sure would turn into something special the next day, had lost its appeal. The blog post that I thought would turn into a best-seller was now I wasn't disappointed, but rather, confused. 

Although I deleted my note, not all was wasted. I learned two valuable lessons.

1) Most (good) ideas don't come when you are sitting in front of a computer screen. They come when you are doing everyday, mundane tasks. They come when you least expect them to come. They happen when you are experiencing the world. So always be ready to record them. 

2) What I was doing last night wasn't crafting the perfect blog post or writing a best-seller in my mind, what I was doing was dreaming. I was envisioning what I wanted my life and work to look like. That's why I was so eager to write down my thoughts because there is nothing sweeter than taking a dream and turning it into a reality.