Let's talk about your credit score

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When you first start off, you take out a few loans, get a couple of credit cards, pay your bills on time, and don’t make risky purchases. It is key to prove yourself to your creditors because you will, one day, want to ask to borrow more money for an even bigger loan, like buying a house. 

At this point, you look at your credit anticipating a good score, but are disappointed when it’s still in the yellow. Then you learn that credit builds with time and diversification. So you maintain wise consumer habits, schedule payments, live below your means, and, over time, start to build your credit score until it’s in the green.

There are other strategies to improve your credit score, but when it comes down to it, consistency and loyalty are key. You earn it by saying you’re going to do something, then doing it. The difficult thing about your credit score, is that it can take years to build but only a few seconds to destroy. And, once it's gone, it's hard to get back. 

Now that I think of it, this sounds a lot like building trust.