Law of Order

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Pick a job to be done and an amount of time to do it and that's how long it will take you. Take an empty room and it will get filled. Take a day with nothing on the calendar and, before you know it, it's over.

Based on Parkinson's Law, if I create a 5-year plan, which I recently completed over the weekend, then it will take me 5 years to fulfill that plan. However, what would happen if I gave myself only 1 year, even 90 days, for that matter, to complete my 5-year plan? 

I'm honestly not sure what would happen if I gave myself less time. What I do know is that as soon as I say I only have 90 days to accomplish my 5-year plan, a new sense of urgency emerges and more actionable steps come to mind easier than when I tell myself I have 5 years to fulfill that same plan. 

Be strategic and methodical about how you design your days and your life. If not, things will go undone, rooms will still get filled, and time will still pass.