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No. 580 / Lasting impression

Just because you have someone download an app or give them a punch card doesn’t mean they’ll keep coming back. It might be the popular thing to do, but that’s probably reason enough to not do it.

A real loyalty program, one that actually works, is one that creates a lasting impression. We, humans, are drawn to impactful experiences. That’s what keeps us coming back. We are loyal because we feel part of something, not because we’re being bought.

Try this for your loyalty program: get to know your customers. Learn their names. Smile. Be interested in them. It’s okay to treat different customers differently but respect everyone equally. You do what you do for the advocates, not the haters. So don’t get offended or change course because of a few negative reviews.

The experience you curate is the story you tell. And the level of success your loyalty program attains depends on how well your story connects with others.

What will your story be?