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No. 741 / Job-hopping

Why is it that employers can shop around but employees are shamed for job-hopping?

Some people get lucky and find a position that allows them to learn and thrive early on in their careers. For others, it’s not so simple. It might take a few tries. Getting a new job is a gamble. Sometimes it works out, other times it’s just not a good fit.

But when an employer hires a class of 10 people and only two of them are still at the firm a year later, the company is rarely condemned. Instead, it simply “made a few bad hires and have since taken necessary actions to improve the process.”

And we’re okay with that. So shouldn’t we be okay with a similar rationale from candidates?

“I’ve made a few poor job mistakes and have since taken necessary actions to improve my process.”

In this case, wouldn’t you rather employ someone who has learned a thing or two and now knows exactly what they want in their next opportunity?

There are two sides to this coin. And, for me, I only see job-hoping as a red flag when the story behind it doesn’t make sense. But give me a candidate who changed jobs for a promotion, then a relocation, then a logical career-shift any day!