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No. 665 / Interview with Magic

Interesting interview with Magic Johnson yesterday. If you listen closely, there’s a plethora of career development advice (both dos and don’ts). Here are some of my takeaways: 

  • When speaking about your previous employer, tread lightly. Don’t throw people under a bus. No matter what else you say during your next interview, the negative comments are usually the ones that people remember. News and rumors travel fast. You’ll run into a situation down the road where you’ll wish you hadn’t said those things.

  • Changing industries is hard. We come in thinking our skills will translate well into a new field, only to find out that there are layers of red tape in every industry. Not to say a career change is impossible, it’s just hard—be okay with that. 

  • It’s okay to quit! It doesn’t mean you’re a quitter. And, this isn’t a millennial thing. It’s a personal thing. If you want one thing in your career and you aren’t getting it, go find it. 

  • Ego is the enemy. Don’t assume you know everything. Your way isn’t always the right way. You’ll have a hard time getting anything important done if you’re unable or unwilling to communicate and work well with others. 

  • It’s so true that people leave managers. The company could be flashy, the title might be there, the compensation could be more than enough, but if you feel like you are getting backstabbed, belittled, treated unfairly or not given the responsibilities you’re capable of executing, all of those other things don’t matter.