Incremental improvements


When I was learning Russian, the first few months were rough. I felt like I hadn’t learned anything. I was still struggling to say hello! Even after doing nothing but speaking Russian for 6 months, I didn’t know if I was improving or not. Then, one morning, it hit me. I made a few phone calls about a water leak, talked to our landlady, bought some food, had conversations about architecture, software, geography, and religion all in Russian!

6 months! I knew Russian. I felt comfortable I could carry on any conversation in the language. But this realization only came as soon as I reflected. When I looked back and saw my progress, I became more confident. Only then could I see how the dots connected and the stars aligned for this to happen.

It may not be flashy. You may not get the headlines. But, over time, you’ll realize that you are where you are today because of the constant and continual improvements you’ve made over a long series of time.