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No. 654 / In a hurry

Do more words per minute lead to better blog posts? 
What about more designers in the room, will the end result be more advanced? 

The idea isn’t to do more, faster. It’s about slowing down to get things right. Because here’s the thing, hurrying almost always takes longer. The evidence is evident—despite our obsession with productivity, we’re actually becoming less productive. Probably because that’s not how we really want to work, or are designed to work. 

If we hire people for their minds, then we need to give them space to think. Otherwise, we’ll all have full calendars and multiple projects in the queue with nothing to show for our busy work. 

If efficiency is the objective, then don’t force everyone to work the same way you do. Sounds counterintuitive, but sometimes ‘over-systemizing’ things will only slow the process down—classic paralysis by analysis situation. 

If we, indeed, do want to move faster, then set rules, have guidelines, but don’t fall in love with them. Otherwise, we’ll all just be in a hurry to get nowhere, fast.