"I'm too busy"

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You don't "have to" do anything. No, you don't have to finish that report. You don't have to make that call. You don't have to pick up your kid from soccer practice. You don't have to workout or eat well. 

You "want to." 

You want to read. You want to workout. You want to work for another hour. You want to spend the weekend with your kids. Because you know that if you want to do these things, instead of having to, it feels more like a privilege than an obligation. 

When you change the conversation from "I have to," to "I want to," you start to realize what is important to you and prioritize accordingly. It's a simple choice. A change in attitude. But it's effective. 

Next time you find yourself thinking or saying "I'm too busy" to read, journal, meditate, go on a run, or write, first acknowledge that you are making a choice. You are deciding that there are other things (social media, Netflix, work, service, housework, etc.) that are more important. Whether consciously or not, you have made your choice regarding what you prioritize in life. 

You're not a victim of time. You're not, therefore, too busy to do (or not do) anything. Prioritize, then take responsibility for the choices you make.