If it fits, it ships

I recently looked through my blog queue and I realized something unfortunate, I have way too many posts in the "drafts" column. I have a lot of projects that I am "thinking about" or "working on" but how many am I actually shipping? 

We have to be careful that we aren't constantly "saving as a draft." Are we shipping more than we are saving?

What message, lesson, product, teaching, or solution are you keeping to yourself or holding back from making the world a better place? It might not be perfect, but getting something imperfect out into the world is much better than keeping something "perfect" in your draft queue. 

Take some advice from USPS (because they're cool now): if it fits, it ships. Let that be your motto for shipping your work; no matter how heavy, bulky, or imperfect you think something is if it fits the problem you are trying to solve, it ships.