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No. 666 / Humility is a trait and a tactic

As a trait, it’s something we should all seek to pursue. We are better people when we genuinely strive to understand the point of view of others. We are also truer versions of ourselves when we put others first.

But humility is also a tactic. And not in a cynical way. It’s an approach that just so happens to be highly effective—especially in negotiations. Humility is a powerful strategy because when people feel appreciated and empowered, they tend to open up and reciprocate more rationally. Practicing humility, therefore, enables you to navigate the world in an easier way. It breeds respect. And it empowers members to make decisions based on what's right over what is in their best interests.

And I’m not talking about being manipulative or ingenuine to yourself. I’m talking about improving your ability to show more understanding. To diagnose before you prescribe. To use humility as a tool in your repertoire to maneuver the intricacies of your career and life. But here’s the great thing about using humility as a tactic, is that the more you use it, the more familiar you become with its benefits and outcomes. In other words, the more you practice humility, the more humble you become.