How to stand out in a noisy world

Next time you go to an airport, try to notice how noisy it is. Granted, you won’t have to try very hard, airports are noisy places. But observe the different kinds of noises that grab your attention.

If you were to combine all of those noises - from the jet engines to the public announcements, from the crying babies to the upset customer - all in one room, then you probably wouldn’t really hear anything. 

In this scenario, if you wanted to be heard, making more noise isn’t going to do anything for you. It turns out, it would be the person walking around selling $500 noise-canceling headphones that would gain more attention than the person with the biggest speaker selling $1 fidget spinners. 

What if standing out in a busy world is the same way? What if making more noise isn’t the answer? 

In order to gain someone’s trust and earn their attention, you will be more rewarded for your devotion to care than your ability to hustle.