How to keep a customer


Most of us have our 'go-to's' when it comes to eating out. Places where we know the staff and they know us. What keeps us coming back? Why did we choose those particular places? 

They, no doubt, sell something worth buying. The service is probably pretty good and the prices are within budget. Is there anything else? What do restaurants do that keeps the customers around?

How about doing the right thing? 

Today, we ate at the marvelous pizza joint on the pier, Fornino. Great pizza, cool vibes, friendly service. But there was a hiccup, we arrived at 10:30 am and ordered a pizza. The lady that helped us was new and didn't know that they only start making pizza's after 11:00 am. So instead, we got a sandwich even though we paid for a pizza. It wasn't a big deal. The manager apologized and gave us a free drink. By 11:00 am, we were still there watching the world cup when the manager brought us a freshly cooked margarita pizza. 'Here's your pizza you ordered on the house, sorry about the confusion.' Talk about doing the right thing. We couldn't thank him enough. Fornino gets our 5-star review. It get's our word-of-mouth recommendation. It earned our loyalty. 

And that's how you keep a customer.