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No. 620 / Grading yourself on a curve

is a great way to never get disappointed.

Low expectations, after all, lay the foundation that allows you to hide in mediocrity. They ensure you keep quiet, don’t raise your hand, and never keep an ear to the ground regarding potential opportunities. 

The curve will never provide the insight you need into how you’re doing. You’ll constantly compare yourself and you’ll never fully realize what you’re capable of. 

You deserve better than that.

The alternative is hard. But it’s supposed to be. It will be unstable, flakey, full of disappointment, and riddled with errors. You’ll doubt yourself, reflect on why you’re doing what your doing, and nothing will ever be good enough. But you’ll thank yourself later. 

Dream big. Have high hopes and make big promises. Then work like crazy to recalibrate when you fall flat on your face. But trust that you’re working toward something greater because you are.