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No. 532 / Good job

For whatever reason, things don’t work out.

Sometimes it’s because of randomness. “Wasn’t meant to be.” Other times it’s because you didn’t care enough or you were neglectful. You did a bad job.

When someone says you did a good job, it’s probably because you made a promise and kept it. There was a bar and you reached it. Good job.

And then there is something more impressive, beyond just ‘good job.’ You exceed expectations. You do something worth noting. But even these moments are often forgotten.

So, what are the things people remember? What makes people trust you, like you, believe in you? It’s definitely not just ‘not doing a bad job.’ It’s also something different than merely ‘doing a good job.’ What is this called? There’s probably a word for it.

You’re right, who cares, let’s just stick with ‘good job.’