Get an education

Mark Twain once said:

"I never let my schooling interfere with my education."

The definition of education is "an enlightening experience." It's an experience! Real education doesn't merely come from a textbook. And determining how educated one is, shouldn't come from a test. 

Now, more than ever, we have access to tools, resources, and information to learn how to make a difference. We all learn differently. It's our responsibility to figure out how we learn and get educated accordingly. 

Receiving an education isn't just memorizing facts or learning techniques. It's learning how to think, how to solve interesting problems, how to become a leader. Not only can you learn coding, writing, or speaking a new language, you can learn patience, empathy, and curiosity. 

The future of education is content + community. The content can come in a variety of forms: text, videos, audio, pictures, etc. The community is there to help you connect, collaborate, articulate ideas, learn accountability, and give you the chance to teach. Choose to consume the content that allows you to learn most effectively. Join or create a community that will support your education.

Never stop learning. Make education a lifelong quest. And don't let your schooling get in the way of your education.