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No. 709 / For granted

For better or for worse, you can get used to just about anything.

You can always tell who the tourists or newcomers are in big cities and who have been there for a while—the tourists are still looking up.

After long, becoming a millionaire won’t make you any happier. The cold/warm weather conditions kind of grow on you. You’ve learned how to coexist with your toxic co-worker. You’ve gotten used to being able to say what you want, go wherever you want, in a place that allows you to start whatever you want.

It’s easy to look past how we got here. What it took. And what freedoms we actually enjoy. Sure, there are things that can get better, but the fact is, once we get those things, they will become routine and we’ll find something else to be dissatisfied with.

So, instead of nitpicking the things we’re against, how about (especially this day) we celebrate the things we’re for. Take a step back and realize what we’ve grown accustomed to. Be grateful for the ability to be independent. And move the needle toward greater fulfillment and happiness by appreciating the small and simple things that matter most.