Famous marketing


“Hey! I have something you want! Buy from me and make me famous! Oh, is now not a good time? That’s okay, I’ll keep interrupting you until it is.”

This type of marketing has a lot of different names to make it seem less intrusive. What it really should be called is “interruption marketing.” At the core of interruption marketing, you have a marketer that wants to become famous, as opposed to a marketer that wants to make a difference and create something impactful. 

What are your motivations for creating your art? Are you trying to create something that has an impact? Are you trying to help someone or something change? Or, are you trying to merely become famous? 

True art, true value, true change starts with “why.” Oddly enough, the market has a way of sniffing out our motivations. Be true to yourself, ask for permission, get out of your comfort zone and focus on creating something that will facilitate change. 

Make something you’re proud of. The rest (impact, followers, profitability) will take care of itself.