Everyone's got a quota


Why? Because everyone’s in sales.

If you work for a living, you have certain tasks you need to get done and deadlines you need to meet. It’s part of the job. Whether you are building houses, teaching students or selling software, if you are in the business of earning trust, building connection, having an impact, and creating something meaningful, you’re in the business of sales.

What are you selling?

How are you selling it?

As Q3 ‘18 draws closer to close, reflect on this as you double down on your efforts to hit quota: what you sell is how you market yourself, how you sell it becomes your brand.

So choose carefully what habits you start, stop, and continue doing. They’re bigger (and more important) than your quota. They shape you. They influence what you decide to sell. They directly affect how well you are able to sell it. And they ultimately define who you are.