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No. 110 / Energy distribution

It’s the proper allocation of our energy that produces results, not the amount of energy exerted. 

When it comes to energy, we have two choices to make: we can either react to it, or create a reaction. It’s a sad reality that some of us claim to be to busy to search for our purpose, or to find meaning. Instead, we would rather react to the things that happen to us. It’s easier to live reactively than proactively. It’s easier to watch TV than to work on something that matters, spend quality time with loved ones, or engage in a worthy cause or something bigger than oneself. It’s easier to eat out than to cook a meal, gather around the dinner table and have an uninterrupted conversation. 

How will you use your energy? Here’s a hack: the more demanding the challenge, the more uncompromising our rituals need to be.