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No. 705 / Don't do what you love

Do what you’re good at.

Now, this might be misinterpreted a number of ways, but what I’m effectively saying is that people who pursue their passions over developing their aptitudes, generally fall short and live in somewhat dissatisfaction.

Hobbies are different than jobs which are different than careers which can be developed into vocations. There are a lucky few who can turn hobbies into vocations, but most who do, wish they had other hobbies, I think. It’s okay to separate things and be real about your situation. If you can turn your hobby into a career, go for it, but be aware of what the implications of doing so are.

Pursuing your passion is easy advice to give, but it doesn’t carry much substance. I am passionate about languages and reading and architecture and writing and startups and basketball and… you get the point. How do I pick a passion to pursue from that list? Instead, I have carefully tracked and documented where I’ve been able to excel and where I haven’t then have picked a career path that aligns with those skills.

Sure, maybe you don’t know what you are good at, yet. So it might require some pursuit of a few passions. But be sure to develop other useful skills along the way so that you can begin to tell your story.

The great thing about doing what you’re good at, is that you can usually make a better living doing, and you’ll end up loving it more than you would have your passion, anyway.