Dealing with critics (and criticism)

The critics who have taken upon themselves the responsibility to attempt to discredit you will eventually move on. But only if you let them. They are looking for a reaction. If you give them one, they will only use it as fuel to their fire.

It’s important to understand the reasoning behind why critics do what they do. They feel as though they have a moral responsibility to “expose” you. Due to either their superior intellect or prestigious experience (or both) they believe it is their obligation to undermine your credibility.

But look at it this way, if a critic is paying attention to your work, you are probably doing something right. If your work was boring, nobody would notice or care. Keep being you. Keep doing what you do. How the critics react speaks more volumes about them than it does you. You've probably struck some chord with them and have offended their ego. If that's the case, let them talk. With each snide remark, they are only discrediting themselves. 

Be patient when dealing with critics. Sooner or later they will no longer find enjoyment out of belittling you.

Another thought: Your career path comes down to two potential paths:

1) You will be judged (criticized).


2) You will be ignored. 

You can't avoid both. You'll need to decide which one you're willing to live with. If you create something extraordinary, critics will criticize it and you. If you don't, they won't. 

One last thing: Sometimes the biggest thing that holds us back from achieving our goals isn't the fear of failure, it's the fear of criticism. It's what makes us hesitate, rethink, and overthink. It keeps us from innovating and creating. It's the leading cause of imposter syndrome. Ignore your critics. They're not your true fans anyway. Please the people who take pleasure in what you do—who share your work. Listen to them. Captivate them and you will see growth.

Don't let the fear of criticism stop you from following your heart.