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No. 169 / Create more, consume less

Easy to say, hard to do. Especially when we’re finding it increasingly easy to confuse activities that feel like work with distractions that aren’t.  

Here are 5 tips to help: 

1) To create means to build something that has a lasting value in the market.  

2) To consume means to distract ourselves from our work.  

3) Although consuming quality content from books and online courses can be beneficial (and even crucial) toward the development of your work, it’s still consuming. The solution? The Pomodoro Technique: 1 part consuming, 5 parts creating. Which means, for every 10 minutes you spend consuming, spend 50 minutes creating. This is what it takes to balance proper consumption with doing meaningful work. This will also hopefully put the time we waste on social media and watching tv into perspective. 

4) Planning and strategizing can also be forms of consuming if they distract you from creating something. This isn’t to say they aren’t incredibly important, the point here is that once you have a plan, stop obsessing over perfecting it. Go and execute, make adjustments when needed. 

5) Now that you know this, go and do it.