Color TV

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Remember those signs? It wasn't an innovative, forward-thinking motel experience unless it offered color tv.

It's ludicrous to now advertise color tv. Unless you're going for a "vintage, throwback look and feel," most people would roll their eyes at that kind of place. 

That's what happens when you advertise features. People either ignore you or forget about you. 
- "True-depth, 12 MP camera!"
- "Television without the bulky hardware!"
- "Continental breakfast included!" 
- "Lowest taxi meter fares in the city!"

Instead, try creating something people can't help but talk about. Build the extraordinary, not just something that's slightly different than what the competition is doing. You'll know you're on the right track when people start imitating you, criticizing you, or telling their friends about you. 

Don't create another diagram about how you've successfully differentiated your product or service. You're probably doing it to impress your boss and the results are, therefore, manipulated and misleading. Alternatively, focus your energy on understanding what people want and why they want it. 
- "Stay connected and well-informed." - Apple
- "Stream your favorite show...right now." - Netflix
- "Live like a local, make new friends, and have the experience of a lifetime." - Airbnb
- "Get to where you need to go more conveniently." - Uber