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No. 708 / Choosing between two jobs

When it comes to choosing between two jobs, how do you decide?

Our emotions will push us in one direction—toward the flashier job, the one pays 5k more, the one with the more prestigious title—

But, before you get too carried away, have a vision. Have a basic understanding of what you want your story to be. Write down what your ideal life looks like five years from now, or have a vision board representing your ten-year plan.

Now, you can get started. Now, you have a foundation, which makes your next decision a little easier.

Next task: come up with your own definition of “culture.” Everyone wants it, but few actually attempt to define it for themselves. Then, write down what else matters to you. Leadership? People? Perks? Office space? Commute time? Company values? Compensation package?

Finally, rank them in order of importance.

With the list of things that matter most to you, alongside your vision, you’re armed to make the best decision for yourself.