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No. 74 / Can’t? Or won’t?

We rarely hear people admit that they are too lazy to do or learn something. Most of the time people will call themselves dumb before they call themselves lazy. Probably because you can fix lazy, but once you call yourself dumb, you’ve given yourself an out to ever learn something new or do something challenging. 

People say they aren’t smart enough, talented enough, or gifted enough to learn math, write a book, start a company, play the piano. But it’s just not so. 

Don’t fall into the trap of calling dumb, lazy. Is it really that you can’t do something? Or you just don’t want to? 

Sure, you don’t have to be world-class at that one thing, but that doesn’t mean you should put off trying altogether...

It’s time we stop calling lazy, dumb and can’t, won’t.